We provide solutions

We design, provide, install and put into operation telecommunications network solutions.

The best technical – economic solutions and the correct functioning of the telecommunications systems are based on the interpretation of the client’s needs, the intelligence and innovation aplied in the designs, the appropriate choices of the equipment, the qualities of the facilities, the correct system configurations and, above all, the correct project management.

Offered services:

  • Project development, designs, engineering, equipment provision and implementations of:
    • Urban (FTTH) and interurban fiber optic networks.
    • Point-to-point Radio Link Systems.
    • Point-multipoint wireless systems (WiMax-LTE).
    • WiFi networks design in public and private places.
    • Technical and economic projects of public telecommunications services.
    • Designs of telecommunication operations nodes.
    • Design and engineering of WAN, MPLS and metroethernet networks.
    • Projects and engineering of mission-critical communications networks such as those associated with high voltage systems and electrical generations to provide telecommands and telemetry.
    • Services virtualization and consolidation of server structures.
  • Project management.
  • Execution of turnkey projects.
  • Specific project’s documentation.

Why Us

  • Turnkey projects reduce the uncertainty of prices, deadlines and risks in the integration of technologies.
  • Thinking about projects with a broad vision, allows them to be scalable and / or executed by stages integrated with each other, which make it possible to gradually dispose of the intended services.
  • 0 accidents at work throughout its existence.

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