Technical Assistance

We provide technical support service specialized in telecommunications networks MPLS, WAN, metroethernet, multipoint point, WiFi with different technologies, intercity fiber optic lines, FTTH and radio link installations and installation of cellular base stations.

It is of vital importance for companies to have an operational and secure telecommunications service platform, since any inefficiency becomes a waste of time and its consequent economic loss, or even worse, the decrease in customer satisfaction and loss of clients.

Vectus is an organization of professionals specialized in different technologies, infrastructure, tools and human resources. All of these knowledge is poured in providing a reliable technical support service 365 days a year online and scheduled in situ. In our network laboratory we can assemble models and simulate real environments to ensure interventions in operational networks.
We have certified personnel in different technologies to respond to support requirements of level 2 and 3, trouble tickets system to respond to customer requests efficiently and effectively, a work safety management system and each task planification is our differentiation.
Our facilities works in compliance with occupational health and safety regulations dictated by the ISO 45001 standard.

Services offered:

    Technical support:
  • Monitoring of WAN and MPLS networks, analysis of link failures, measurement of traffic through specific network control systems to generate alerts, automatic tickets, text messages / whatsapp, manage them, correlate events, draw statistics and trends.
  • Attention of inquiries or complaints for incidents in 7 x 24 networks.
  • Administration and management of voice and data networks.
  • Technical support for the integration of different voice and data services (Q&S).
  • Measurements of radio and fiber optic links.
  • Second level technical support on line or on-site of networks and services of telecommunications and cybersecurity.
  • Device configuration, firmware updates and back up configurations.
    Installation and start-ups of:
  • Radiant systems, microwaves and satellite transmission.
  • Point-multipoint systems (WiMax-LTE).
  • Optical multiplexers.
  • Cell nodes and radio bases.
  • WiFi in public and private places.
  • Alternative energy systems.
  • FTTH-GPON systems.
    Audit and supervision in the execution of projects.
    Preventive and corrective maintenance in readioelectric and fiber optic systems.
    Mergers and measurements of optical networks.


  • Qualified staff
  • High availability of the telecommunications network.
  • Quick resolution of technical problems.
  • Intelligent management of incidents and problems.
  • Control of the SLA of telecommunications operators.
  • Information and systems security.
  • Professional facilities that compliance with standards and deadlines.
  • Traceability and supporting documentation of the changes and tasks performed.

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