About Us

We are a company founded in 2001 with the mission of providing specialized professional services in important telecommunications networks, providing efficient technical solutions and adjusted to each specific needs in order to help them increase their productivity, profitability and enable their costumers to focus on their core business.
As networks and services evolved and information security became relevant, we incorporated cybersecurity into our services. Our service proposal is aimed at corporate companies, public and private services, national and regional organizations in Argentina and Latin America. We have consolidated over the years a culture that promote our values, learning new knowledge, tools and technologies, experimentation and innovation. We sell turnkey integral solutions, we provide support and consulting services, projects and technical support.

Our greatest capital is the culture that we have been consolidating over the years, focused on the integral development of our staff and empathizing with the needs of our clients to propose and provide the solutions we consider for each particular case.
We sell essentially knowledge, for this reason we invest time and effort to our professional’s training and expertise. They are highly qualified in different technologies and tools to be able to provide an excellent service to our clients.
When customers and projects require it, we provide turnkey solutions, for which the company has project and engineering departments, facilities and technical support level 1 and 2 that provides after-sales.

Where are we going…

We constantly analyze and study the different technological trends in telecommunications to have a clear vision of the evolution of networks and services. In order to meet the new demands of users, we evaluate technologies, their costs, we use intelligent systems to correlate data to understand behaviors and to work preventively. But technology advances, we discover and learn every day new concepts that propose more efficient solutions.

Our principles

  • Vocation of service and empathy: Listen and understand the needs of customers and the market.
  • Honesty: Be transparent and consistent in our opinions and actions.
  • Spirit of overcoming: To be better people and professionals every day.
  • Respect: Accept the differences.
  • Solidarity: Help those who may need our support or service.
  • Responsibility: Take full responsibility for the commitments assumed.
  • Work safety: Take care of our health and work conditions.

Vectus is an active member of the Córdoba Technology Cluster that is conformed by interconnected and complementary companies and institutions that compete, but also cooperate, establishing agreements, celebrating strategic alliances, seeking and receiving investment proposals.